italian pizza oven

The Italian Pizza Oven

What do Italians call a pizza? When it comes to the realm of culinary delights, few dishes can rival the universal appeal of the pizza. In Italy, this beloved creation is simply known as “pizza.” While it might seem rather straightforward, the name carries an essence that extends far beyond its literal meaning. Pizza, as […]

treat eye wrinkles

How to treat eye wrinkles: the secret to a young and fresh look

How to treat eye wrinkles is a very common blemish that affects both women and men. These wrinkles, often called “crow’s feet,” can be caused by multiple factors, including natural skin aging, sun exposure, dehydration, use of harsh cosmetics and stress. However, there are some natural remedies and specific products that can help reduce eye […]

Alfardan Heights

Alfardan Heights, a palace masterpiece in Oman

The Alfardan Heights of Sultan Qaboos site in Muscat, Oman is a magnificent palace that was completed in 2019. The palace spans an area of 9,775 square meters and is an architectural masterpiece. The palace is located in the heart of Muscat and is a unique blend of modern and traditional Arabian architecture.  In this […]

best yoga apps

Best yoga apps, are they really any good?

To do yoga at home, we can rely on one of the best yoga apps available on digital stores. There are plenty of apps for doing yoga at home that offer the possibility of practising in the comfort of your own home. But are they really any good? Yoga at home Yoga at home apps […]

Decorate home with marble

I want to decorate home with marble: which is the best choice?

Marble is a material that takes on a new life and new forms. Wich material should I choose if I want to decorate home with marble? A material in great demand Marble is one of the most chosen materials in the building industry because of its properties and functionality. Marble is a valuable material that […]