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Best yoga apps, are they really any good?

To do yoga at home, we can rely on one of the best yoga apps available on digital stores. There are plenty of apps for doing yoga at home that offer the possibility of practising in the comfort of your own home. But are they really any good?

Yoga at home

Yoga at home apps come to our rescue when we can’t get out to the gym to practise. Not only that, in this way we can also do yoga at home in the (virtual!) company of our close, perhaps distant friends. Not being obliged to be in the same place, yoga apps are a great idea for doing sports together with someone who does not live in the same city. However, do not think of them as a substitute for a specialised centre; this could be dangerous. Find out why…

Beware of DIY

In some cases it can be convenient to use an app to do yoga; think about when you are on holiday or on a business trip! However, it is important to attend a course in a specialised yoga studio in order to learn the technique and to avoid mistakes when doing the exercises. These can in fact make your efforts futile or even be physically damaging. A specialised centre such as the hariom yoga school is definitely the best choice to achieve results.

Rely on professionals

If you decide to start a yoga class, you can turn to a specialised school to learn the technique. When you happen to be unable to attend class and do not want to give up your physical well-being, you can download one of these yoga apps: Track Yoga, ideal for absolute beginners. Or you can opt for Asana Rebel, perhaps the most popular yoga fitness app.

However, always get advice from your yoga teacher and always choose a professional app (remember to check the reviews!).

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